North Syracuse Fireman's Associaton 

2016 Annual Fund Drive is going on now!


Dear Neighbors,


The men and women of the North Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department would all like to extend our most heartfelt thanks for your support in 2015.  Our volunteers spend countless hours training and maintaining equipment so they can be ready to serve their community when it is needed most. Your support, be it a monetary donation or even a friendly wave, makes all that time well spent.  

At the North Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department, protecting the men and women who protect you is a top priority.  Every day, our firefighters encounter new and more dangerous hazards and we constantly strive to provide the best personal protective equipment available to keep them safe. In 2016 we are asking once again for your support, this time to help us keep our firefighters safe.  

When modern building materials and contents of a home are exposed to a fire, the byproducts are now so toxic that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has recently classified firefighting (regardless if it is career or volunteer) as possibly carcinogenic. Recent studies have gone on to show that these toxins, without proper cleaning and extraction can become trapped in a firefighter’s turnout gear. Prolonged exposure to these harmful toxins occurs long after the incident has ended.

With new hazards emerging all the time, we now need to replace our current gear washing equipment with new equipment that will allow our firefighters to not only clean their gear, but also extract these toxins.   It costs approximately six thousand dollars to outfit a single firefighter with the turnout gear needed to meet current standards.  In return, part of a firefighter's responsibility is to keep their personal protective equipment clean and ready at all times.  This protects the firefighter and the public we come in contact with every day.   With your support in 2016 we hope to purchase this essential equipment that will allow our firefighter’s to do just that.    

The North Syracuse Volunteer Fire Department is committed to taking care of our most valuable assets.  We spend thousands of hours taking care of and maintaining the millions of dollar of equipment and vehicles we use to serve our community. We recognize that equipment would be worthless without the priceless men and women who volunteer in our organization.


There are now two convenient ways to make your tax deductible donation for 2016!


Simply write a check to "North Syracuse Volunteer Firemans Association", then send the check to:

P.O Box 11,

North Syracuse, NY 13212


You can donate to North Syracuse Fire via our online Paypal.

Thank you for your support!