Friday, June 30, 2017


July and the Independence Day holiday are upon us- a time of fun, fireworks, and festivals. 

 Ways to stay safe during your July 4th celebration

We hope you have a wonderful Independence Day on Tuesday! In order to keep you, your family, pets, and neighbors safe, please consider the following tips as you put the finishing touches on your celebration:

Fireworks Safety: Please enjoy the fireworks displays that are professionally done for us. 

Pet Safety: More pets get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year. Exercise your furry friends before the festivities and keep them inside as much as possible. If you need to take them out, ensure they have a tag with your contact information. Lastly, common Fourth of July items such as alcoholic beverages, citronella candles, and glow sticks can be toxic to pets and should be stowed out of their reach.

Grilling Safety: Keep the grill out in the open and far away from anything that could catch fire: the house, deck, tree branches. Be sure to use long-handled tools especially made for grilling to keep the chef safe. Make sure children and pets stay far away from the grill, and always supervise the grill when in use.

We hope you have a great time celebrating the birth of our nation. 

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